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Levitt and Roman ASU head coach candidates?

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Harbaugh and the same system would still be here ...Alex would just be hearing a different voice sending him the play, this is why it was so important we hire an offensive minded coach, because if we had a defensive oriented coach, then we would have had to bring in another OC and another playbook, this is why the Nolan and Singletary teams couldnt get the offense going ...But next year our offense can hit the ground running

Harbaugh calls in the plays

Not worried.
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Seriously, if we lose Roman I am going to f**king lose my mind. How many times would Alex have to go through this. It would be like Turner all over again.

he'll be on a new team next year anyway, so it wont matter.

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losing anyone from an obviously brilliant staff would suck, but its got to be expected. As long as we have Harbaugh, Seely, and Fangio (in order of importance) I think we'll be fine.

No matter who might leave though, I trust in Harbaugh to replace them with a quality coach. The dude just knows coaches.

Yeah, just as long as he doesn't hire a fired Norv Turner, Josh McDaniels, Jimmy Raye, Jim Hostler, or Mike Martz.
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Hire Andy Reid as OC really think of the best coaches of this decade is gonna take a job as an OC?
Roman calls the plays, Harbaugh has veto power.
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