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What (Realistic) expectation of yours hasn't been accomplished?

Originally posted by jacklegniner:
I think Steve Smith will have a good chance. It should be Alex. He has been bashed for 6 years. Steve Smith is having a good year but it isn't making a difference on the team. My fear is that some Niners will get over looked for awards and pro bowl selections because we will be nominated for so many things.

-Alex for comeback player
-Harbaugh for Coach
-Trent for GM (if they even have an award for this)
-Aldon for DROY (maybe Von Miller)
-Willis is probably in the running for Defensive player (other years his stats look better but they normally give it to someone on a winning team or top defense)

Alex hasn't come back from anything. I think Most Improved would be much more appropriate. Do they have that award? If not, does the NFL generally consider Comeback to be the same as Most Improved?

Also, I wouldn't get your hopes up over Aldon or Willis, Von Miller should win DROY simply because he is a full time starter; and Willis doesn't look, to the average observer, like the single dominant force he has been in years past because there is so much talent around him (although being the best player on the best defense might still be enough for him to win).
Originally posted by NCommand:
For the remainder of the year, my focus is on offensive and defensive schemes becoming more exotic with the running/passing game, improvements in pass blocking. more exotic blitz formations with all four LBers, moving them around, CB & S blitzes, playing more aggressive and dictating offenses, no more injuries and the rest will take care of itself.

I don't think anything exotic is coming homie.

What I expect was solid and consistent play from a right guard.
#1 -- I wanted to see steady improvements -- I didn't hold out hope for a lot of winning, but wanted to see steady improvement and evolution into a good team. THAT has been accomplished. Whew.

#2 -- I want to see an efficient offense that can sustain drives. Efficient has been achieved. BUT, 3rd down conversions are still low and the offense is still inconsistent. Vastly improved yes, so I am satisfied. But it still has a long way to go.

#3 -- As part of the offense, I wanted the running game to return to form. Despite it being touted as a a core threat of this team, I don't believe it has returned to form. What I mean is that we need to "manufacture" running yards out of heavy sets and creativity. Great. But I want to see the base offense able to generate running yards. So that is not achieved yet -- most of that falls on poor Oline play.
Originally posted by fastforward:
Originally posted by susweel:
Red zone offense seems to be getting worse not better. And still not 300 yard game for smith.

Redzone offense may be it, which is strange because Smith was very good at it the last few seasons.

I don't care too much about 300-yard games, as Smith has passed enough to keep the 49ers winning (with the exception of the recent game against the Ravens, but the failure was on every player and coach.)
Just looking at RZ processions in the Rams game, you can't really put that on Alex - there were a lot of runs up the middle almost like we were playing for FGs. He did have a couple incompletes, I'm not defending those, but the play calling might be to blame for last week's poor RZ performance.
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