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Is our offense playoff ready or do we need some serious help.

if we get the running game back to midseason form, we'll be fine.
Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Although a full off-season and TC will help this offense immensely, fact is, we have done enough this year in order for this offense to truly be feared. Why do I say that? How many points have we left out there this season? This offense has so many near misses, it's unbelievable. You watch QBs from other teams come in and hit almost immediately (TJ Yates big pass to Andre Johnson for example). I'm not looking for multiple 300 yard, 3 TD games, but at the end of the day, our players, this season have to execute. The opportunities have been there and we have more than enough weapons THIS season to give any defensive coordinator fits. We have enough players at the skill positions where defenses should be worried about giving any one player too much attention. No one player or unit (offensive line) is to blame for this. We simply need to take what if given to us, on a more consistent basis, and in the passing game, we have been given a lot this season.

That's what backups do. They have nothing to lose. Make some risky throws. If it works out, good they get a few more games and fan thinks they are the second coming. If they get intercepted a bunch, then well... what do you expect, he's a backup. Reminded me so much of Troy Smith last year with all these backup QBs coming in to sub.
Originally posted by enker1700:
Utilizing Smith's athletic ability; roll outs, boot legs, etc, could really help that.....

They did a bit of this against the Rams to try and cool off the pass rush that was beating our OLine. We even saw them call a QB option -- Alex took the snap in shotgun and immediately ran outside right with a RB to his outside.

Again, (I'll repeat myself) all this creativity and scheming is trying to cover a poor OLine. On runs and passes, our OLine is allowing penetration.

Our passing game suffers accordingly. ASmith is doing a MUCH better job this year of keeping his eyes downfield when he is forced to move in or escape the pocket. But he is still forced to move a lot - rarely has a clean pocket -- and on most long throws he is forced to throw right over a Dlineman in his face or while he is moving. He is not stepping into his throws from a clean pocket. If there is anything that will make a pass sail........

So essentially, this offense if getting better DESPITE the oline.

In the red zone, we have seemed very conservative - but hey, they want 3 points at a minimum per red zone visit.

BUT, have you noticed how little they throw into the end zone??? If they do, its to the outside (away from INTs). Most throws are right at the goal line. Kinda strange.
First, great thread thus far....a lot of excellent points.

To address the original question....Is our offense playoff ready or do we need some serious help? I think it is actually somewhere in between those parameters.

That being said, if the team is going to succeed in the playoffs, some improvement is essential...

1) Despite the performances of the past two games, the OL has shown remarkable improvement from the beginning of the season. When Snyder replaced Rachal, A Davis started playing up to his potential because he had a trusted vet next to him. A healthy Snyder is vital for playoff success so it might be a good idea to give him a couple of games off before the playoffs so he can heal up.

2) As many of you have stated, the team needs to cut down on its number of dropped passes. Can you imagine where Alex's stats would be this year if he had the Packers' receiving corps to throw to?

3) I know he has disappointed in general but this team must have Braylon Edwards healthy for the playoffs. Before he got hurt, he showed he could be the missing piece of that offense....a big, tall receiver that could jump for the ball above DBs... A healthy Edwards would provide that red-zone threat that is absolutely missing from the team now. If that requires him to sit out the rest of the regular season, so be it.

4) I also agree that the play-calling in the red zone needs to improve. The Niners still seem to think that they can just run it in to the end zone when they get inside the other team's 20 yard line. Take a page from the Bill Walsh offense and try some high percentage throws to the RBs and let them run it in. Think Kendall Hunter here.

5) The Niners do need to take better advantage of their quick wideouts. Loved what they did yesterday...handing the ball off to K Williams and Ginn. More of that kind of creativity and then trying to get those guys matched up one on one with one DB would be really helpful in the playoffs.

A couple of other points...

Alex can actually throw the deep ball. Threw a few perfect passes yesterday that covered 30 yards or more. Yes, he missed a couple of opportunities too but the point is he is showing improvement in that area. Even Brady and Rodgers miss wide open long passes.

The defense is actually improving as the season progresses, particularly the pass defense. Fangio has just done a fabulous job with these guys.

The team really misses Joshua Morgan because he was often a target on third downs, and he did really well in that role. Someone (Crabtree, Walker, K Williams) has to step up and step in to that role so the team can improve its 3rd down conversion rate before the playoffs begin.

Thanks to all you Zoners who actually read this long post...

Not sure how we are suppose to beat the steelers or any playoff team if we cant block
Our offense def needs help, even when alex had time, we still couldnt connect
oline f**king sucks!!!
Back to the drawing board.

Originally posted by 49ersMan420:

Not even close. Way too many damn FGs, this team hasn't scored a redzone Td the last game 3 games. Big plays by the defense and special teams are being squandered at an alarming rate.

Like Steve Young said, every time you kick a FG you are that much closer to losing.
No and yes we need serious help!
Uhhh! You just seen the game. We are in dire need of help!!!!
The Niners offense needs a WR that is money in the red zone. It'll take pressure off the run and change the dynamic of the offense. Look at what Fitzgerald does for ARZ. Completely changes how defenses have to defend them I asked on another message board the last time we saw a 49er WR make a great catch like Fitz's TD today. No one could think of one, so it's clearly been several YEARS since we've had a WR that can scare defenses. We need that guy BAD.
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