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Playoff Scenarios

Originally posted by 24plus25er:
We would slaughter Philly, they have not seen a defense of our quality all season and I have seen them choke against lesser defenses. I have respect for Foles, Shady, and D.Jax but this ain't what they want.

We would play the winner of GB & CHI if seeds it stays the same unless Dallas upsets
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rams need to stop being hella whack
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
rams need to stop being hella whack

One does not simply stop being hella whack
Is it bad that I want us to tank this Cardinals game now because I think we'd have a better shot at surviving the first round at Dallas/Philadelphia rather than at Green Bay? Not sure how winning this game and getting 5 seed instead of 6 really helps us. At best it means if we win (and the 6 seed also wins) we get to play at Carolina before Seattle, but eventually we're playing Seattle anyway so I don't see it as a big deal.
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@ greenbay let's do this!!!!!
I knew we were going to end up f**king play gb. I really hope we kick their asses for my health's sake.
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Going to be a tough game at GB. Go, Niners, go!
LMAO of all of you scared of GB and there 24th ranked D
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This is the worst case scenario. We got carved up by Ryan and Palmer. What's Rodgers gonna do? 500 yards?
Is game Saturday or Sunday?

Saturday or Sunday game?
So we are going to Green Bay?
Originally posted by KegBert:
So we are going to Green Bay?

looks it
Yes we're goin to GB even though we have 4 more wins.
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Fangio doesn't like to rush the QB, so teams just say 'screw the run game' against us and carve us up. We need more aggressive D next week.
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