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49ers 1st offensive play vs rams

Delay of game penalty -5 yards. Seriously I think it's Gore off tackle gain of 7 in a day where we get back to running the football and grinding out a close win.
Gore up the middle gain 6
Kaep to baldwin 12 yard reception! Followed by gore for 15 yd run! 25 yard td pass to bolden! After starting wit excellent field position!

Prob a 8 yd rush first play by gore
Originally posted by Chief:
80 yard TD run by Gore.

I like the way you do business!
Gore up the middle for two.
Gore screen 80 yards
80 yard pass to crabtree for the TD
false start 5 yd penalty num 79
pick 6
Handoff to Gore for 4 yards.


they'll never expect it, we'd be able to take advantage of some great matchups
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Gore 2 yard td run.
Kaep, pass incomplete to Boldin, followed by countless fans calling for his head.
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Pass to right flat to Miller for 4 yards
Quick slant to Manningham for 12 yds.
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