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What Does Seeing A 49ers Playoff Game Mean To You

I remember being a kid, the playoffs were a given for me as a fan of this team. Everyone else I knew cheered for s**tty teams so I had the bragging rights for all of those years.

We had the 99-00 seasons that weren't so great, then in 2001 we exploded again and went 12-4( woulda been 13-3 with a bye had we stopped the Bears on that final drive). We went to the playoffs, one and done @Green Bay, I'll never forget that Tyrone Williams pick( think that was his name) and then we had 2002 and the Giants game, I remember giving up on that game, calling my gf at the time in the 3rd and telling her it was time to come get me, she refused and kept telling me "they can still come back", the score was 38-17 I believe in the 3rd, i got mad and hung up on her and stayed and listened to the chuckles coming from behind me, I was watching the game with a Raiders fan(that's when they were really good) and and Eagles fan(they were on the rise in the NFC). We ended up coming back, we won the game, I laid on my friends floor and tears came from my eyes. The next week, TB shut us down on the way to winnning the Super Bowl.

After that season, nothing but losing, and I mean losing bad. The 2003 season looked kinda promising with Erickson coming in, still had all of the good players, but we f**ked up and went 7-9 and that was the end right there. Since then, I have been surrounded by that Eagles fan, a Ravens fan, Dolphins fan, 2 Jets fans,and a Giants fan(my brother) for the past 8-9 years of my life, and have watched my team do nothing year after year while these guys saw Super Bowls and LOTS of playoffs games. the 49ers?? None I even had to endure going to see my first NFL game in 09, it was Miami@ Jets and I watched first hand as the Dolphins and the fans celebrated winning a division(with a Dophins fan), and knowing they got to play next week when most teams didn't.( sidenote- we beat Washington that day, it was week 17, I remember watching the scoreboard as much as possible). I still remember going into the 04 season thinking we had a shot, and went 2-14, and i still watched and cheered every friggin game.

I took the s**t end of the stick for all of these years, and that's all we do is talk about football, so what I've had to endure these past years, I'm still trying to figure out how I survived it. Now the Eagles suck and we finally beat them this year,The Dolphins also suck,Jets are still decent, the Ravens are still good, but a decline is coming sooner than later if they don't win the big one. And the Giants... well they won the Super Bowl a few years ago, but we beat them this year, I watched the entire game with my brother, it felt great. And the Raiders fan, who's been through the same s**t with me now shares the feeling of being a winning team again, he texts me everyday to talk up our D. the rest continue with the "one and done" texts every single days, but I'm alright with that.

I guess this is all I've thought about in the past 5-7 weeks as we've kept winning. I'm finally going to get to see a playoff game again, and my team is on the rise, the s**t talking being sent in my direction is down to a minimum, and it's a damn good feeling again.

These past 8-9 years hae been hell for me, and I'm sure others share the same feelings. What are some of your thoughts or experiences on these past years..
Winning feels sooo good. I can't even remember what it was like to be this happy about the 49ers coming into December. I definitely appreciate it more now after having to deal with the last 9 years. We've had season tickets for about 50 years, so I was still going to the games throughout the "lost" years and endured through people slowly disappearing and the quieting crowd. But, we're back! AND IT FEELS DAMN GOOD!! GO NINERS!!!
i couldnt agree with you more.. most of my family are cowboy fans... imagine all that s**t talking i had to hear.. at least i had the well at least we won a playoff game more recent then you... then they go and beat the eagles and i cant even say that anymore.. now this year is apon us and ohhhhhh how so badly i want to play the cowboys in the playoffs again.. i need redemption for the loss in week 2 when it stings the most...
It feels good... like suddenly being a cool kid in high school after years of being a dork.

Can't Wait... the game will be a good distraction from all my grad finals
I guess I appreciate them more. Back when I was a kid, playoffs were a given and were the "real season." These last 8 years of losing has made me more appreciative of what it means just to have the right to be there. That all said, it's still always going to be Super Bowl or bust as a niner fan.
means a lot for me, i'll get to watch a niners playoff game with my son for the first time
Everything... i live in the Northwest (Seattle-Vancouver) and i've been taking a beating from the Seahawks fans... finally time to dish it out!
depends if they win.
im 19, 20 in july.. These are the years i NEED my team to be good considering im coming to legal drinking age. But these are the years you remember and party it and go crazy with my friends. I hope we continue this because i remember telling my dad, "Man i hope we dont suck for the next 10 years because then i wont have as much fun enjoying it at 40" lol
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As a kid I remember the Niners being in the playoffs every year. The day they lost in the playoffs was the worst day of the year for me. Except 3 times when they won the Super Bowl. I was too young to appreciate the first two. I've totally forgotten those feelings of Niner playoff football and am so looking forward to that now.

Also, it will mean that after 6 years of having season tickets and about $20k (probably more) spent at The Stick, I'll finally get what I've been waiting for all these years.

then I will spare people's lives.
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Originally posted by fister30:

Sounds weird but I'm the same. The 9ers in the play-offs means the world is okay. This is what is supposed to happen.
It means a lot ot me. I've been a season ticket holder for 7 years. I've had to deal to with all those losing seasons. I've been telling my friends that I've never been to a pro sports game where everything is on the line. Win or go home. I can't wait to go to my first home playoff game!
Originally posted by Envy:
Originally posted by fister30:

Sounds weird but I'm the same. The 9ers in the play-offs means the world is okay. This is what is supposed to happen.

You guys are the spoiled ones.
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