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Delanie "sky" Walker

Walker is a mismatch in every position he plays, I think the niners are better when he's involved.
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the force is strong with this one
Thanks for the info
He look like Kanye West
I heard his lightsaber is red.
in all seriousness i understand where the young padwan is coming from. every team has a cog that it runs through , the pats have welker, packers have jennings and nelson. someone who can do damage so that others can achieve, ours is walker, he blocks he recieves and he can also rush if called upon. watch our offense, davis and walker are the keys to it. while everyone keys on gore, he's the secon or third factor really! the tightends to a great job blocking which spring gore into the second level. i'd also add that miller is one as well, a huge mismatch and very underrsted as a player.
He looks really stoned in every interview and picture I've seen him lol.
Shelanie stalker

It's so strange to have TWO very good TE's. It makes for an interesting offense.
I actually like this one
I am never going to agree with the Vernon Davis draft. It seems so obvious how easy it is to get a great TE in later rounds. Look around the league, they are all around us.

So while I am a Vernon Davis "hater"...I can honestly say I am not even sure he is the best TE on the Niners.

I have been a big Delanie fan, and will so be a Sky Walker fanatic too
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