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My obserbation from the Baltimore game!

We need a quaterback bad!!!! Alex is scared under pressure and it showed vs baltimore. The first play of the game he didn't even look down the field for a wide open delanie walker for a td, because he was scare to get hit. Well he ended up getting hit a whole lot, and the game had no business being that close in the first half. We should have been up by at least 17points going into the half. Let's package Alex Smith a second and Colin for the first pick in the draft should be enough if Luck tell the team that he will only play for the 9ers.
Obserbation? Are you drunk again?
I'm so happy this thread was made.
you should be!
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
I'm so happy this thread was made.

You'll be even happier when it's locked...
Have another beer.
Still in Alex and Wonderland i guess!


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there's a thread for discussions about the Niners' current starting quarterback.
insert "i can count to potato" b******t right hurrrrr!
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