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Have we tried a halfback screen pass at all this season?

Originally posted by GoldandGarnet:
That is an excellent question, and I've wondered about it all year. During the Ravens game, when there was a jailbreak of 4 players getting through the OLine I thought for sure it was a screen, but no......we just couldn't block anyone. I have never seen it so bad that it LOOKED like a screen! Hell, when the coaches saw that, it should have occurred to them--and use Hunter to boot.

i think hunter would be perfect for a screen. wiry guy difficult to bring down can make good cuts and as far as we know he has good hands seems like a good idea. i also liked the wr screen to ginn even though it wouldn't slow down the pass rush put a guy like him in open space
look at gores rec numbers this year, they pathteic by his standards
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