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"The Lions beat the 49ers this year."

Originally posted by RayWersching:
In my opinion, fantasy football has ruined NFL football. Having an intelligent conversation with most people is impossible. Living in Denver, fans are already jaded but the common thing I'm hearing now is that the 49ers will be one and done because Alex's numbers are terrible. People think they know alot more about football because they are in a FF league and track individual player stats. People would rather watch the NFL Red Zone channel to watch scores than tune in to see the 49ers and their #1 ranked defense and the result is a less informed overall opinion.

A lot of WZers play "fantasy football" and insist Alexis Smitthhyyy is terrible. No 430 yards and 3 picks... Just wins and high efficiency...
Originally posted by 49ersfansince90:
Someone just told me the other day "The Baltimore game is big for yall. A lot of people still don't think you guys are forreal." I said people have been saying we wouldnt go into Cincy, Philly, or Detroit and win. We did that. People said Freeman and Eli would beat us and they didnt. So we are forreal, undoubtedly. Luckily we have a team led by a coach that doesn't give a fck. They dont get too high with the praise or too low with the hate. They have a "fck you" attitude to every opponent, on the field and in the media, and plays their a$$es off week in and week out.

Originally posted by modninerfan:
This is why I'm on here... If you dont know the name of every player on your own team and the players on most other teams then I dont wanna talk to you unless your willing to learn a few things from me about NFL football. I dont waste my time with ignorant football fans who think they know it all when they really dont.

yes i agree with you to an extent. these last few years i have had trouble remembering the bottom of the roster like colin jones and lierstic. then having issues rembering other teams roster moves. now you throw in the lock out(when i refused to watch nfl network and 90% of espn) and i struggle to remember some of the mediocre moves.

but the n again i don't pretend to know something i am not sure of.
Isn't this why join forums?

I joined here so i can talk to sane people who actually know the sport. I have the same problem with soccer as i'm from the UK and most of my friends support the main rival to my team and they can only see their point of view, which is extremely bias and gets very frustrating. Enjoy the forum that's what its there for
What's funny is he probably thought the lions were undefeated cuz there good this year first time in 30 years fans have been sitting around for 30 years waiting for this team to win more games then they lose. So if he's drunk in his mind for the first time in 30 years his team is undefeated haha
My experience talking sports with people from SoCal is that they know a hell of a lot more about the NBA than the NFL. It's almost as if they don't care about pro football. Of course that stereotype excludes most of the members of this forum that live down there.
Last week I watched the game with my brother and 2 of my friends who have been making fun of me for years because of this team, even all season long I've been hearing "1 and done" when we hit the playoffs, however, after what they saw in the Cards game on Sunday, they all changed tunes.

They all willingly admit they we are for real and that we have the scariest D that that they've watched all season but they continue to say that NO or Dallas will beat us and if can get through them that there is no way we will hang with the Packers.
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