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**UPDATE** suspension not planned for Goldson (pg 8)

Even if they did suspend him, and I don't think they will he will not miss the Baltimore game because the NFLPA would appeal the suspension.
Jail time
Originally posted by leakyfausett:
Even if they did suspend him, and I don't think they will he will not miss the Baltimore game because the NFLPA would appeal the suspension.


thats great news

we need him there but i think we play the rams after for that game we can sit out half our prople and still win
Originally posted by pitseleh:
Jail time

this ain't Philly
I had the same thoughts. There was an ejection in the CHI DET game last week for this mess and I don't think a suspension for that either. It was dumn by Goldson though. Ruined the shutout and you just can't take the bait on that stuff. Plus, seriously Dashon? they guy is wearing pads and a helmet? Why not just tackle him? I bet you wouldn't even get ejected for a tackle.
if andre johnson and cortland finnegan werent suspended last yr im confident goldson wont
Originally posted by susweel:
He's a niner so he will be suspended.

this. goodell has a boner for the niners.

I hope it doesn't happen, but I wouldn't be surprise.
**Goldson Watch Thread**
I'm leaning Towards no, Goodell wants to put on a show. He will fine him. Good game= Ratings= Money
Originally posted by ubaisore:
That is good news, but I am more worried about Bruce Miller and his injury

What is it, a head or neck injury? I couldn't really tell what happened and I didn't hear a report on him during the game.
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There's no doubt the Andre thing last year was more violent/deserving of punishment.
Probably will be a stiff fine for both him and Doucet. First offense, I don't anticipate a suspension.
What a stupid move by Goldson. Selfish. He's played good this year but that was just dumb.
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No one was suspended for the bears/lions fights last week. highly unlikely that goldson gets suspended based on that, what kind of message would they be sending if they picked on an isolated incident like this only a week after overlooking half the potential fines and penalties that occurred during that game.

Not too mention we could go conspiracy route and say Goldson wont be suspended because of the "Harbowl" on thursday, just like the rumors involving Andre Johnson not being suspended because the texans were scheduled for a nfl network thursday night game the following week.

Thirdly, the film will show that Doucet started it and even though Goldson retaliated it was definitely a two sided affair.

Bottom line Goldson could always start the appeals process and avoid a suspension for at least another week if he really wanted to.
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