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**UPDATE** suspension not planned for Goldson (pg 8)

I don't think he'll be suspended, Goodell has not shown a tendency to suspend players for throwing punches during games. He likes handing down suspensions for off the field transgressions typically.

Charles Woodson wasn't suspended for punching David Thomas earlier this year:

Last year Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan went at it but weren't suspended.

And Richard Seymour hit Roethlisberger last year and was heavily fined but not suspended.

We'll have Goldson next week.
Thank you for this!! I feel better now.
That is good news, but I am more worried about Bruce Miller and his injury
yea we need goldson out there for sure
I hope your right fan, it would hurt to lose him next week.
He's a niner so he will be suspended.
Yeah, Doucet started it plus I have seen worse not get suspended. Both will be fined though. Hopefully Miller is back as well... we need him. He's a tough guy and if it was up to him he would start but they have cracked down on concussions. There are tests to pass.
Well on the bright side he probably bent Doucet's facemask when he punched it so.... he probably needed to get a new helmet!!! Take that Doucet!
Goodell is an East coast homer.

We'll see. I wouldn't be surprised if Goldson gets at least a game.
I don't think he will be suspended, just fined.

he was hit first, dont see a suspension
Originally posted by jreff22:
he was hit first, dont see a suspension

I sure hope so. Unfortunately the commissioner is so erratic that you never know what will happen. Hopefully he doesn't try to "make a statement" out of this. He's big into that, sadly.
Originally posted by Chief:
I don't think he will be suspended, just fined.

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I think he'll be suspended....three punches thrown and landed. Pretty unacceptable. He'll be fined and suspended.
More then likely because of the previous precedent's Goodell has set with other players, he is unlikely to suspend Goldson because the Nflpa/union would almost immediately appeal it and that would be dragged through court/arbitration, I expect a fine.
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