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49ers 1st offensive play vs cardinals

Tuku lines up at R TE. He gets a softball pass and goes for 8.
play action to gore and then deep out route to Kilgore
15 yards pass to Crabtree who begins his beating of Patrick Peterson once again
Originally posted by hofer36:
screen pass to kendall hunter

screen? fail
RED!!!! KILL KILL KILL!!! HUT HUT...Handoff to Gore
Fake punt on 1st down. BOTH Lee and Dawson stand back to take the snap. It just might be crazy enough to work!
Tukuafu pancake the sh*t outta Daryl Washington!
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I do 'dis, 'dis, 'dis, 'dis, 'dis, 'dis, GOAL!
Handoff to Gore for 3 yards up the middle.
Colt McCoy 50 yd bomb to Osgood.

Cards will be playing 8 man line with 2 LBs up close. Either a 4-6 yd slant to Vernon/crabs or a screen right. Ooops...that's right, roman doesn't do screens.

Hopefully not hey diddle diddle, frank up the middle...because that gets 1 yrd against a box 8.
playclock runs to 0 and harbaugh calls a TO. Then after the TO, Greg Roman and all of his genius will call a run play up the middle to Gore
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Gore off tackle for 2 yards.
Bruce Miller up the gut for 15 yards
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