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Is David Akers the best kicker we ever had?

Is David Akers the best kicker we ever had?

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It was jose cortez. Unfortunately the tequila's and the strippers ended short what would of been an illustrious career.

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He's really declining this season despite 1 record kick.
Ray Wershing
he no good no more
Wershing! He didn't even have to look.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Ray Wershing

No further posts needed
I believe it's too early -so i voted that way, but i still love Akers and believe in him... someone please tell me that he's just in a "slump" right now and will get back on track. This could easily be one of those games where we will have to count on him tonight! Go Niners!
He's the new Kyle Williams

He WAS. I don't know now.
f**k akers he cost is the win.
he's kicking like he did when his time was up in philly
Cut him...he is last in the NFL
Is his daughter ok? Anyone know?
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