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49ers vs Giants Ultimate Highlight Reel

Guaranteed to get you pumped.I stayed up late last night uploading this video. Slowed down some plays so you can get a grasp of what we're doing. Also, the vernon davis touchdown is epic in this video. Probably the best video i have made all year!

"Like" Page please. Video is on there! Thank you Everyone. Enjoy
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Good job dude. Nice vid. "liked" your page a while back.
Awesome video man.
thanks man!! going to check it out!!
Good job! It's better than watching the highlights vs. giants on nfl network. I think they only showed 1 Alex smith pass.
Somebody is seriously coaching up A Smith. He still ends his throw with a somewhat stiff front leg, but his throwing stance and footwork in the pocket looked much better than anything I've seen from him in the last 6 years.

LOL - Then again, maybe its not the "QB coach" that deserves credit. The Oline was actually giving him some time and a okay pocket -- he wasn't getting blasted unexpectedly from a DT coming free. Credit goes to the OL coaches!!
don't put music
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I noticed while watching the highlights that Willis should have been credited with 2 sacks. He ran Manning down in the 4th quarter and tackled him just behind the line of scrimmage.
Muchas gracias.
How is that not a sack at 6:10? Literally cost me my fantasy game in a league where I was 4-4-1 coming into the week and needed to run the table to make the playoffs. I lost by 0.6 points and the 49ers are my D.
great video. thanks for putting together.
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