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What is missing from the Offense now??

the 5 OLineman need a serious "Sitdown" meeting.......They need to find out who is going to play like a professional from here on out.....Until then we are f*cked no matter if we bring in talent.....Hell we can't do sh@t with the talent we do have!!!
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The thing that concerns me the most is third down efficiency. If we get better there, then our offense will explode. The next thing we need to improve is red zone offense. Get those 2 working efficiently, and Green Bay doesn't stand a chance.

Great point from one month ago but unfortunately it hasn't happened. I think we all got used to steady weekly offensive improvement starting from the Youngstown trip through Giants game. In the broadest sense the offense has evolved very well with the running game first and then Alex stepping up and improving. But it's the little things that are becoming more critical. As we saw on display yesterday in Arizona, if we don't get buttoned up on these stress plays (3rd down & red zone) we're screwed come postseason. Obviously we're only going to go as far as our offense can take us.

As to what's missing? Take your pick. Aggressive play calling, crisp execution, talent on the perimeter . . . all of the above?

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Yup, consistent o-line play too. Very little push and or protection breakdowns on key plays.
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really good receivers.

we have average to good receivers. We need a really-good/great one.

A QB ! what makes a team a QB , placement of the ball even if your WR suck they will catch it look @ Giants and Patriots !
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We need consistency. We need all aspects of our offense in sync.

Our QB has to "will" better, do more with less.
Our WR have to catch the frickin' ball!!!
Our RB/FBs have to block the blitz
Our OL has to block better, period!

Those four aspects of our offense can improve. When they do, they will reap the rewards.

And no, it's not all on Alex, but it does start with him on field. Yes, he does need to improve his pocket awareness and get out faster than he has. However, with more time, he can be successful. There have been some deep balls that needed to be caught over these past few weeks like the one to Crabs. He's demonstrated to be able to do it.

We just need more consistency across the board.

PS Besides Alex, it starts with Harbaugh and Roman on the sidelines. They have to adjust and make appropriate calls and personnel. They were off on a few plays with personnel and scheme.

Again, consistency across the board.
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better oline

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Groining the crowd? Will that help?

Originally posted by English:
Groining the crowd? Will that help?

I dont know what groining the crowd means but what I meant was a star QB.
O-line- we have to be honest, the O-line is poor in pass protection even vs decent defenses, and average in run blocking. Aggressive defenses= constant pressure on our QB. Against average and above defenses can we really say that they are opening holes for our backs? We can all say that Alex needs to step up but if you look at the QB's that excel they have plenty time to make multiple reads and go through their progressions. Commentators actually praise them for it. When was the last time we have seen enough time to make 3-4 reads? People say get the ball out sooner, but that is assuming read number 1 is a go. We normally do not have that luxury.
WR-I like Crabtree but he is a possession receiver with good moves but lacks good speed. I like Williams, but he needs more time on the field. There is no scary receiver currently on the roster.We can talk deep threat, and we can talk Alex not connecting on the side lines, but we have also seen a number of throws on the money that have been dropped and or "lost". Losing a ball at the pro level is unacceptable.
QB- if Alex has time to throw and does not make the play then that is unacceptable. We have to admit that is really not the case.
Playcalling is peculiar at times. Almost like they forget about plays that work from time to time. Last game 3rd and 1. Why not put Soap in their with Dixon behind him? (Assuming Gore is hurt) That is 2 down territory yet we go with a pass knowing we are going to get huge pressure
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this makes me sad......... so many of us wanted him and we could have had him instead we have a poormans Trent Dilfer. Smith will never ever be a franchise QB. put Smith as the starting QB for the Green Bay Packers and you would have a 7-9 wins this year.

But so many Alexcuses go on and on about how we dont have a passing game.... Steve Young would kill for our O-line.. Young almost always had Undrafted linemen or old and ready to retire .... Young would make a 5yard pass that let his WR catch the ball on stride and by throwing the ball in the right spot letting his WR make a play, a 5yard pass would turn into a 15-80 yard pass. When Alex throws the ball the play is almost always over at the spot of reception, to many times do we see his WR's having to turn back or having to catch the ball thrown near there feet.

Have we even had any WR's go for over 1,000 yards in a season were Alex is the starting QB?

i know some people here think theres something about Smith that makes you want to believe in him and make Alexcuses: but only if we had WR who can catch/o-line sucks/a good coaching staff.... dont we have like 3 WR's who were top 10 picks.. a pass catching TE who is a top 10pick, a good running game lead by Gore, OL filled with high draft picks. what more can we possible do to help Alex Smith, we probably have more talent on offense then we do on defense.... we have wasted to much time on project Alex Smith... wish we could have been developing a new QB this year or atleast signed a vet like Hassleback and groomed a new prospect. Hassleback on our team would have rocked, Keapernick would have learned so much from a vet whos been in the WCO all his career.
Nothing. Just need better execution.
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