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What is missing from the Offense now??

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
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deep threat wr, hopefully desean sees free agency

no way, Lead last year and maybe this year in drops

Desean Jackson > all our receivers.
Originally posted by Wubbie:
Alex Smith doesn't really have limited arm strength. Coming out of college, they said he could make all the NFL throws, and he would get stronger as he got older. Of course, he doesn't have a Michael Vick arm, but he's certainly capable of all those throws.

I think it's a couple things though that we haven't seen deep passes. For one, Alex doesn't like to throw those low-percentage passes too often. He'll throw them though, as evidenced by some of the ones he's missed to Crabtree and Ginn in recent games. Second, we run a smashmouth West Coast Offense. We throw short and intermediate routes the majority of the time. Third, we've had receivers in and out of the lineup. Those deep routes require a certain amount of chemistry, and it's clear why Alex keeps missing his receivers... he hasn't had too much time with them. I think they'll come though, but don't expect a lot in the future. Maybe every couple games, Alex will hit some deep balls.

As for screens.. No idea on that one. I would've thought that would be a staple for our offense, but I don't even remember if Stanford ran them that much. I think we're still kind of developing them. The couple that I've seen us try didn't have outstanding execution... but I think we'll get there.

Nice post.

In addition to what you've said, I'll add that I don't think the arm strength issue is particularly valid. In fact, yesterday he was putting some serious zip on his shots over the middle. My hunch is that the arm strength thing had more to do with his confidence than his actual arm strength. Now that he's throwing the ball with confidence and authority his passes are looking much crisper, perhaps not laser-like, but he can certainly do bullet-like. Besides, arm strength is pretty overrated-- after all, Montana didn't exactly sport a howitzer.

As for the screens, I think you're right. My uneducated guess is that screens were likely a fairly low priority given the bread and butter aspects of the offense that needed to be installed during the truncated preseason.
Originally posted by crabman82:
a deeper understanding of the playbook, thats all

I agree with the cabman, once we have Morgan back healthy, I think it will be all good.
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really good receivers.

we have average to good receivers. We need a really-good/great one.

Missing a fast, quick, smart guy at wide receiver.
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Our only weakness on offense is that we need to attempt a few more deep balls a game. We did it vs CLE but Alex missed big time in that game. Other than that, we just need to attempt them.

We have two deep threats: Edwards and Vernon.

Personally, I don't think we have a weakness on offense. We have yet to see a team that has proven to stop our passing game. Remember early in the year when Gore was doing nothing...our passing drives were unstoppable.
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Like he said ^

fast, quick slot guy with great hands, I was hoping Williams could become that guy

At TE Byham would be loving this offense, too bad he got injured
I think my perception of Smith's arm strength might be influenced by the long throws I see float or flutter on him. But that might be due to pressure in his face as much as his arm.

I think Edwards was brought in to stretch the field a bit, but has been limited to a possession receiver due to injury. Even yesterday, his stride just doesn't seem right. A torn miniscus can be a lingering injury -- the knee may never really feel the same. May be why Braylon might be less aggressive in his cuts and accelleration. Hope that improves over time.
We're not a threat to throw the deep ball effectively.
Originally posted by HearstFan:
I think my perception of Smith's arm strength might be influenced by the long throws I see float or flutter on him. But that might be due to pressure in his face as much as his arm.

Yeah, that's a fair point. And you're right: when he throws a bomb it's apparent that he's often banging up against the limit of his arm. But that doesn't concern me too much. You throw a bomb once, maybe twice, a game and it's a very low percentage play even with the very best arms.

Originally posted by LA9erFan:
We're not a threat to throw the deep ball effectively.

Even with Braylon, he doesn't seem to get any separation on those deep routes. I know he can go up and get it, but that's too much of a risky play.

We need to get a true deep ball threat, we really haven't had one since Antonio Bryant.
Screen plays. We never use them.
Originally posted by overthemiddle:
could you imagine what the Zone would become if the missing link was Tebow.

Nailed it!!!

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Red Zone offense needs to improve.... If we score TDs instead of field goals, we blow out Cleveland, Washington and probably put away the Giants. I don't want the bad teams in our division sticking around in the games they play against us.
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