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Go figure....

Remember guys, that as we have gotten better so have some other teams we have played , or in NFCWest div, have not played. And the way NFC W handled NFC East , we maybe should have to worry a bit about them also, altho coaching and talentwise we have a huge leg up on those guys. Think about it. Bengals now in 1st place in their division and SEA and Rams and CArds all beat E NFC. All teams are getting better. Odds are some games that looked on paper really easy are gonna be lots harder. They can't be a whole lot harder than Eli and the giants tho. Man i wonder what the eastern press is going to say about this. Probably that it all was just luck..
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One other thing, and that is if we got the chance to trade alex for Eli, plus some good players, I would never do that. I like the hand we were dealt....okay, Baalke and Harbaugh put this beauty together, and I like us to now finish season with one more loss....that's it.

I want sus to say this. He should be embarassed to show his face around here I cant believe ya'll are letting him off so easily.
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