I'm a long time WebZone member and I have been selected as the SF 49er representative in the Vicks NyQuil Most Dedicated Fan contest.
I have 3 Challenges and 2 voting challenges to accomplish.
Challenge 1: Submit a "Game Face" photo; the link below will show you my profile pic - it's my Game Face entry
Challenge 2: Submit a "TD Dance video" - what till you see this
Challenge 3: Submit a "Fan Cave" photo
Voting: starting November 11 through December 29, I will provide a link onto facebook to vote for me, going against the 31 other Finalists. Please go everyday and vote for me.
Voting task 2: For all of you who tweet, please use the following hashtag ID in every tweet. VICKS will count them up and they go towards my final score.
Please use this hash tag ID #VicksMDFSanFranciscoFan

In the mean time, go here to see what I've done so far: