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Which station do you like for 49er news KNBR (1050) or 95.7 the game?

No real strong preference for me. I just cycle through 680, 1050, and 95.7 until they I hear Niner talk. My favorite host if Damon Bruce.
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
KNBR have ridiculously long commercial breaks, so I listen the 95.7. I like Fitz and Brooks out of all the shows of both stations however.

That's what happens when you actually have good ratings. If 95.7 pulls decent ratings you'll eventually hear the same long commercial breaks.
95.7 The Game.

You can catch the few times KNBR talks about the 49ers on their podcasts later in the day.
95.7. Every time I change to KNBR, they are on commercial. Can't stand Fitz and Brooks.
95.7 for sure

Brandon Tierney and Eric Davis have hands down the best show
put them back on KGO....and bring back Starkey!
I listen to both on the internet. My preference is KNBR because I've been listening to them for years.
KNBR sucks . they will talk about the dodgers before they talk about the niners. I try to listen to them bust since i dont like the Giants and not a big baseball fan anyway i end up tuning them out. Hate that murph and mac is the only show i can get in my car. In the afternoon by the time i head home nothing but static. Considering in 50 miles from LA not bad.
Originally posted by danielxcdt:
I listen to both on the internet. My preference is KNBR because I've been listening to them for years.

I listen to both when I'm in the office too. I have my twitter feed up and both stations usually tweet who they have coming up in a given segment and I rotate to what interests me on the internet stream. When I'm driving I really have zero hope of tuning in 95.7 without the annoying FM static so I usually don't even try. I still prefer KNBR. The Niner talk has been picking up a lot of momentum . Ted Robinson on Monday's & Friday's, Harbaugh on Tuesday's, Steve Young on Wednesday's, Greg Cosell on Thursday's is appointment radio for me.

I will say that the existence of 95.7 has definitely made KNBR better IMO. The Game started with the "Insider" thing and KNBR had to follow suit and I think in general their programming has improved since they came along.

Is it me or does 95.7 take pretty much no listener phone calls? Maybe I don't listen enough.
knbr gives a better analysis
95.7 talks more about football

however 95.7 is a complete raider station

they talked more about teh raiders then 49ers eventhough raiders had a byw week

95.7 The Game...No More Razor, No More Radnich...........
I surf both as well, stream them to my iPhone as I drive around and pretend to work.... Prefer 95.7 though, knbr drives me nuts with the ass clowns on the morning show; I can't stand that D. Bag D Bruce; and every time I hear that voice, that horrible horrible nerve pinching voice... I've been attempting to perfect telekinesis just for the simple fact that I can't actually reach into the radio and slap the sound out hive his mouth. Do they call him the razor because that's what he gargles with or because it's what you want to use on you wrists when there is nothing else on?

For the record Tom Tolbert has got to be the most mellow dude on the planet, how he can sit in the same room with that dude is beyond me.
95.7, hands down, down as low as you could get. Thank God I don't have to listen to The Razor and Mr. T anymore.
Originally posted by susweel:
95.7 is okay but has a bunch of tools as Hosts. Romo, Stubblefield and Eirc Davis, and mostly they suck the Raiders dicks and hate on the Niners.

Wouldn't you like a station better if they hated Alex Smith. Lol
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