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Official: Help for Deployed Niner fan

Hey guys a deployed fan needs a favor from everyone on this board to watch the 49er Redskins Game. He is new to the board so can't post a thread on this. He is a Soldier in Baghdad and each week the Armed forces Network has a fan choice vote to determine which fans get to watch their team for the next week. The Bills fans have taken over this vote the last 6 weeks by enlisting their teams fan boards. So next week I'm asking 49er fan support to watch the 6 November game to counter the Bills board. Please click the link below. It will take you to a facebook page; Log on to your face book; Like the page; load the page and vote for the 49er- Redskins game. Voting Starts at 1pm every Sunday and ends at 7pm Tuesday.
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Voted for him. Go Niners!
Done deal. I see the Bills are ahead.

Make this official for the next 48 hours!!!!!
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Done...We're still down 1% from Packers game.
Voting ends 11-02-2011 at 6am (GMT)...We still a lot more votes. Thanks for everyone that has voted so far!
I would if I had a facebook account.

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Wow what an awesome idea! I'm deployed as well and did not think of doing this. They played the damn Saints-Rams game (boo), Washington-Bills (double boo), Houston-Jags (boo) and the only good game they played was Pitts-NE. Oh well atleast AFN is finally going HD
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Gotta help out our fellow faithful
Come on zoners!
How could the AFN torture our troops with broadcasts of Bills games!!! Thats ridiculous.
Done. It's looking like the Bills are going to win again.......god I hate AFN!
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