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Dilfer: "Baalke smartest football man in the league"

Without a doubt Baalke is doing a first rate job. From getting JH, letting players leave, to the drafts, to FA he has improved the 49ers considerably. Too early to say "smartest" but he's up there.

As far as him complimenting Hostler - I couldn't give 2 poops. It what he does and accomplishes that is important!

And Dilfer - some people on this site as such whinners - they should have a seperate section for the Forty-Whiners. They complain that nobody in the media especially ESPNegative acknowledges us and the vast improvements we've made. Then when someone steadily gives us props theyclones whine about it. Clones.
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Dilfer is a lifer niner fan, grew up here in the Santa Cruz area playing football at Aptos Highschool.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
He's done pretty well. Better than I originally thought. Most of his questionable moves have turned into gold. Maybe some luck. Maybe some skill.

Really? Better than you "originally thought"? Not very hard to do. All he had to do was win ONE game.

i think just showing up to work surpassed SD's expectations, given how overly negative he was
You got to admit Dilfer was on Cam'n nuts from the begining.

Go 9ers
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
This morning on Colin Cowherd's show Dilfer again praised Baalke, stated again that he's the runaway winner for the executive of the year award, and that even beyond Holmgren, Dungy and other brilliant football minds he's been around, Baalke is at the very top of the list. Guarantees we are going to be Patriotesque for the next decade because of him. He's kind of a niner homer, but it's nice to hear.


MadDog, disagrees.......

stalker alert!
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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
any idiot can see baalke is doing a great job so far. dilfer always says nice things about the niners, hostler was a "super star" coordinator. that pretty much makes anything he says about anything sound like this to me, "blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah"
Every time he opens his mouth my head hurts.
On the NFL Network, draft analyst Mike Mayock said he viewed Culliver as a sixth-round pick shortly after the pick was announced.

Pete Prisco on Aldon Smith: I think this is a risky pick. He is a bit overrated. He is somewhat tentative with contact coming at him. Why not a quarterback? D

Kiper gave the 49ers a C+ in his overall assessment, while grading them out at a B level for addressing needs.
Originally posted by Oldschool9erfan:
I like Dilfer. He also knows Baalke personally since he was with the Niners when Dilfer was here. Dilfer understands what the Niners are trying to do and how Trent Baalke is realizing "harbaugh's" vision. Baalke didn't get the best grades for his draft but for our team it's just what the doctor ordered.

Bill Walsh also received low grades after his draft in 1986 ...
If Dilfer visited the moon, he would say it was the best Oxygen he ever inhaled.
If Dilfer played with Rudy, he would say he could have been as good as Richard Dent.
If Dilfer took a s**t, he would say it was the cleanest s**t he ever took...until he took the next one.

Didn't Maddog say something earlier this season similar to what Dilfer said?
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Dilfer is the biggest homer on TV lol. I can't take anything he says about the Niners seriously.
man, people complain about all of the hate these reporters spew on tv about the niners and we have one homer that loves the niners and apparently everyone thinks hes an idiot too. who the hell do you guys like to watch????
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Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
Didn't Maddog say something earlier this season similar to what Dilfer said?

If "stupidest" is similar to "smartest".
Originally posted by mike:
If "stupidest" is similar to "smartest".

jajajaja yeah!!! where is maddog!! I like him!!! but he should probalby admit he was wrong judging the talent of this team!!
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