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Dilfer: "Baalke smartest football man in the league"

Actually, one of my friends (a Patriots fan) said something very similar about Trent Baalke. He said that he's heard some good things and that the 49ers seem to be in good hands.
Dilfer is a bit of a homer but he is also a pretty intelligent guy when it comes to his knowledge of the game. IMHO
Originally posted by zillabeast:

I think that Baalke has done a very good job in his short time as the official GM. Dilfer however, it seems is prone to hyperbole. This is the guy who called Jim Hostler a "superstar offensive coordinator."
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
He's done pretty well. Better than I originally thought. Most of his questionable moves have turned into gold. Maybe some luck. Maybe some skill.

Really? Better than you "originally thought"? Not very hard to do. All he had to do was win ONE game.
Dilfer's a bimbo
Don't care who says what, results speak for themselves. This team is definitely headed in the right direction.

Let's look at the offseason under Trent as GM.

Coaching hires:
Jim Harbaugh is on track for COTY and this team has done a complete 180 from last year with mostly the same roster. The game planning and the way the team works together has been completely changed and this will lead not only to wins but potential free agents wanting to come here and play for these coaches. Roman and Fangio have been tremendous as well. Great coaching hires all the way around.

I liked our draft but felt they were drafting for the future since guys like Aldon, Kaepernick, Culliver, Miller, Kilgore and Pearson were raw or projects who wouldn't contribute much right away. To see them contribute as much as they have so quickly has been a huge and pleasant surprise.

What this draft also shows is how well the coach and GM work together. This has been missing from this franchise for a while now. We were drafting the biggest and strongest players but couldn't get them coached up and placed into positions where they can succeed on the field. It started pretty quickly with Alex Smith - I never did understand drafting a spread QB and then having him be a game manager only.

Free Agency:
Many people complained about the inactivity or failure to get the big names...some people were flat our furious. End result?
upgrade at ILB - we all thought Spikes leaving was a huge loss but Bowman has stepped up to say the least. Addition by subtraction in a way. We improved at the position and didn't fall victim to spending too much money on an aging player.
upgrade at CB - Nate wouldn't take the pay cut so he went. Carlos Rogers has been playing terrific ball. The only bad thing about his deal was it was a 1 year deal.
upgrade at WR(?) - talk about a cheap deal for Edwards. He's been hurt but the talent is clearly there. Hopefully he comes back strong and earns that tiny contract.
upgrade at S - Donte Whitner and Dashon Goldson have been playing very well when out there together. Niners called Dashon's bluff and won.

Other guys have been contributing who weren't huge splashes in free agency. Really was there a single player signed who didn't work out?

People were b***hing about letting Franklin walk and re-signing McDonald to the money deal he got...well Ray Mac has been playing great and the DL is better than last year.

It will be tough to duplicate this offseason but if Baalke continues to hit on even 60% of this offseason we'll have many years of success in our future. Especially if we find our QBotF
It will be another test for Baalke comes next year. There's a lot of guys that have 1 year contract or on their last year.
Originally posted by Sman:
Originally posted by YungAce:
Yeah, Dilfer's been a 9er homer for years but I'm not complaining


I don't think it's so much about him being a homer. He backs Seattle as well. He is making an intelligent observation that even Baalke's doubters(former) are taking notice. I also remember when we made the hire, and this may have slipped through the cracks, Parcells was raving about us hiring Baalke as well.... Stating that he will be one of the next great gm's, etc...

Either way, glad to see we are getting the respect and props we deserve

Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
I think that Baalke has done a very good job in his short time as the official GM. Dilfer however, it seems is prone to hyperbole. This is the guy who called Jim Hostler a "superstar offensive coordinator."

Dilfer is a hyperbole machine AND Baalke has done an outstanding job.
His last name must be Simpson.
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
This morning on Colin Cowherd's show Dilfer again praised Baalke, stated again that he's the runaway winner for the executive of the year award, and that even beyond Holmgren, Dungy and other brilliant football minds he's been around, Baalke is at the very top of the list. Guarantees we are going to be Patriotesque for the next decade because of him. He's kind of a niner homer, but it's nice to hear.


MadDog, disagrees.......
If Dilfer made a guest appearance in Star Wars, he would say Princess Leah is the hottest woman on Earth.
Dilfer has been a Niner fan forever. He played highschool ball down in Aptos so his ties go back along way. And yes he is kinda a homer but he does know his football.
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