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Check this:

Niners go up to Philly and upset Philly, with help from a poor judgement errant pass from Ronnie Brown…

Eagles start to go on losing streak, being called out on the Dream Team moniker, coincidentally V.Y. used that self title when they signed Ronnie Brown.

Ronnie Brown is now deemed expendable

Niners go up to Detroit and break the Lions winning streak, Jahvid Best catches a concussion…They need a running back…

Philadelphia wants to get rid of Ronnie Brown for Picks and Jerome Harrison…

Jerome fails physical, but finds out he has a tumor, doctors quickly act….

In a weird way, the Niners sort of saved his life…you couldn't have wrote that in a Weird Alfred Hitchcockian way…

Pretty cool…
add more weirdness… Jerome Harrison used to be the starting RB for the Cleveland Browns, who just lost to the Raiders and will now be playing the Niners when they return from Improvement Week…weird….

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you must smoke alot of cigarettes.
Originally posted by stunder49:
you must smoke alot.
you must be high
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you must be high

The 49ers help people by smashing opponent's running backs into the ground every week.
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