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How about that Bruce Miller

Originally posted by Gore_21:
Wow how the heck does that make him one of the top paid FBs in the game when guys like Tolbert and Reese are making twice that. Leech, McClain, etc probably had bigger contracts than that at one point too. I guess unless they are just comparing him to the non RB type FB's unlike Tolbert.

Anyways, 1.8 average per season... 3 years 5.4 million plus he lowered his 2014 salary so it's not 1.389 mil anymore. Means he's making about 4 years 6 million which is an average of 1.5 per. That is an absolute steal they could have paid him 2.5-3 per and I would have been fine with it. He's one of our most important players.

Best parts signed thru 2017, and saved over 300K in cap room. Same can be done for Culliver. He has the same base as Miller had, $1.431M(Went up when the cap went up). So a deal could be reached soon, hopefully very very soon. Have our top 2 CBs locked up for the next 4 years.
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AB are you sure about the $160,000 per game roster bonus? That's another $2mil./yr and doesn't sound right. Other sites are reporting it's a $10,000 per game bonus.

Edit: Think you just mistyped and meant $160,000 per year roster bonus.
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Miller is like, old-school, hard-nosed player. Love that. Can't wait to see Bruce lead Lattimore into the hole.