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I'll say it.. We have the BEST defense in the LEAGUE

We may give up yards but we do not give up POINTS. This is a Superbowl Quality Defense. If we can get the offense to produce at the level of the OUT.
Opponents can forget about running it. Go ahead and pass...we can catch too(practice that Aldon :) )
Aldon Smith is a freak of nature.. We have the best front 7 in the league.. It might be time to think about resigning some of our secondary folks...
They saved our butts today thats for sure.
Well statistically we are ranked top five.....and I'd say our current place (fourth) is well-deserved. Baltimore gets the nod as best because they are just flat out freaks on defense (we're still soft against the pass). But I agree with the sentiment of the post. I'm glad our boys came through when it mattered most and we didn't let Mega....whatever his name is run wild.

Good win!
The #1 defense in the National Football League!!!

They played ligths out today.
I'm gonna say it's a toss up between us and Baltimore... I think we're younger and faster.. They're older and wiser. But we play some damn good defense!
The Ravens is better, IMO, but right now we're not far behind.
Originally posted by HessianDud:
The Ravens is better, IMO, but right now we're not far behind.


But we will dominate if we upgrade our secondary

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Still haven't allowed a 100 yard rusher!!!
CJ + No TDs = Championship D.

Ravens wont move the ball on us

Best = 12 carries for 37 yards....
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baltimore is good but their name is carrying alot of weight, i would arguably put us on top of baltimore
Now, no-one wants to play us. Who are you going to gameplan against?!? Willis? J.Smith? A.Smith? Mcdonald? Rogers?

Originally posted by brizznasty:
They saved our butts today thats for sure.

rofl you could say that a few times this year
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