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Frederick P. Soft

"Harbaugh said there has been no sign of Frederick P. Soft. That, according to Harbaugh, is the little guy who sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear when things are going well. In other words, there has been no indication that the 49ers' recent success, and recent awards, have gone to their head."

Good news. Also, another awesome Harbaugh-ism.
Sounds like a brand of Toliet paper
"Harbaugh is on the look out for an intruder who might signal that his players have gotten complacent in their 4-1 start — an imaginary, 4-inch tall symbol dubbed "Frederick P. Soft."

"We've seen no evidence of that. We'll be quick and alert for any signs of evidence. There's a guy that walks around by the name of Frederick P. Soft," Harbaugh said. "Freddy Soft is a 4-inch guy who sits on your shoulder and talks right into your ear. If we see or hear any evidence of him being in the premises, we'll quickly and decisively get him out of here.""
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JH is a character.
Sounds like a porn star's name.
Pretty sure there's a Patrick A. Swagger walking around in the building.
I don't want to see any signs of Fredrick P. Soft on the premises.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Sounds like a porn star's name.

Nah... that would be Frederick P. Hard, amirite?

It's official Harbaugh is a very unique individual. And by unique individual I mean bada$$
These group of guys have been losing for years together and I don't think they want any part of it now that they have a system that works. Why would they stop working hard now, that wouldnt make any sense. They're gonna keep rolling, continue working, get this win and take a few days off.
Last sighting I heard, he was spotted partying with the team on the flight to Arizona.
I don't think the loss had anything with being soft. It had to do with not executing plays. The effort was still there, IMO.
If anybody is housing that little bit**.....its D. seems to me that this guy is falling off right now.....
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