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Aldon up for rookie of the week

Originally posted by DertyDonahue:
The Condor! He earned it.
I love it! Aldon "The CONDOOOOOOOOOR" Smith! So fitting for a monster with that big a wingspan
How big of a mistake drafting Quinn could have been. The dude is struggling for the rams and a lot of the other picks like Von Miller, Dareus, Aldon, Watt and Kerrigan are playing well.
Originally posted by susweel:
Congrats young Aldon.

I was against this pick but he is proving me wrong. Good job

Not a bad thing to be wrong. In fact, I'm purty darn glad that I was to be honest.
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Can he get it again this week. He's playing like a beast-man. Championship!

2 sacks again

1 safety

Multiple Pressures

4-1 team beats 1 of 2 undefeated teams

DROY here we come baby
This kid is on track for Defensive Rookie of the Year.
I didn't love the pick at the time, but that is why I am not an NFL GM.. Give it up for Baalke, he seems to have found our long lost pass rusher in the mold of Haley or Dean.

Aldon played really, really well in all aspects of the game. I think Haralson's days as a starter are over.
Keep on provin' dem haterz wrong baby!!!!!
Will he win in back to back weeks?
Even with the BS penalty on him, he still didn't let that phase him. Harbaugh/Baalke's selection of Aldon is looking more and more like a genius move every week.

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