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Tony Dungy's comments from SNF on Harbaugh

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I wasn't referring to Tony Dungy, I was referring to the majority of black Americans who are racist. I believe what I believe, I don't try to stir s**t up. I just call it how I see it, you can like it or hate it. I will also say that a good majority of white Americans are racist, but not as many.

I am happy to have you disapprove and no matter what your response, I will let you know now. My mind is made up, weeeeeee!

lmao white people aren't as racist? they have entire channels dedicated to their racism (i.e. fox news) we live in a country that they stole from people who welcomed them into THEIR land. Imperialism doesn't ring any bells? But of course this is all just "reverse-racism" you know that invented concept to placed on those who dare speak against real racism.

But one love, people are blind to what they can't see, Go Niners.

Chief apparently hasn't visited Arkansas or Oklahoma lately.


What about it?
I don't believe that dialogue ever took place

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