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8:00 sportscenter

Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
Michael Vick
Al Davis
Michael Vick

Normally I'm the guy that says you have to earn media respect. When people on here complain that so and so "is such a 9er hater" my usual response is, "no, they just stopped giving the team the benefit of the doubt after 8 losing years."

I figured that once the 9ers started actually winning regularly then the media would start noticing. But it seems like all they want to talk about on ESPN is Tebow, Vick and Al Davis.

Way to cover the league...

..Good stuff
I watched the re-broadcast of Sportscenter twice this morning, and not a single mention of the 49ers win over the Bucs. I thought I missed it the first time, but they just didn't show it. I was flummoxed that didn't show even one snippet of footage from the game. I was even more surprised that Chris Berman didn't say anything since he's huge 49ers fan.
Originally posted by SDDAVE:
And the Bay Area is not considered a big media area either.

lol what? San Francisco is one of the largest aggregate media markets in the country...

Now if you meant sports markets that'd make more sense. But NorCal is actually still pretty sizable in regard to our total sports market compared to a good chunk of teams out there,


Not many markets out there with 2 teams in 3 out of 4 of the major pro sports...
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I was on the treadmill at the gym this morning for 40 minutes and I swear the whole 40 min was Jets vs NE, what's wrong with Philly & Vick, and a few minutes of Seahawks vs NY Giants (only a few minutes because the Giants lost to "the little sisters of the poor".) A few lines thrown in about how the NFC East is up for grabs which means they had to say the words Redskins and Cowboys a couple of times. Puke! Talking heads who say the same sh*t over and over about the same teams. No one else exists is they aren't in the Northeast.
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