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The Euphoria of the Zone or How I learned to love the 4-1 Alex Smith led 49ers!

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Everybody drink up, celebrate, have sex with your wives or whatever.

we've waited a LONG time for this

Alex is a warrior...bottom line. He made all the throws he needed to today. That first TD to Walker set the stage for the rest of his game
SON!!!!! 48-3!!!!! That was an old fashioned butt whippin'!!!!!!!!! Our OL kick butt all flippin' day...great effort!!! Alex was solid...3 TD's, no picks. Vernon 2 TD's. Rogers, Culliver and Goldson lit it up!!! Gore was ripping off huge runs...Willis was all over. Great total team win!!! Can't wait to see the stats.
This is a Harbaugh led 49ers. Alex is one of many players on this team playing well.
Haven't been this satisfied since '87! 48-3...west coast killers? LOL
Just wow... The game makes me wonder what the ceiling is for this team
Best feeling in a decade. Love this team.
Special! Very special...
I've got friends out here in Chicago throwing praise and compliments all over the place about the it's been a long time!

Originally posted by Ninerman49:
I cant believe this.... Our offense moving the ball... our defense shutting people down and forcing turnovers.... and.. Alex smith with a 127 rating?.... am i dreaming????? wtf???? lol if this is a dream.... I dont want to wake up :) go niners!!!!

this must be everybody's thoughts!

Been on the Zone for a long time, lost a lot of guys over the frustrations 8 years of mediocrity, lot of wars waged between "believers" and "realists".

It was ALL worth it!

Go Niners!
Originally posted by fropwns:
Let the joy swell from your bosoms, my friends! For we have waited oh so long for this moment.

im holding off until two games after the bye
I hope the Lions remain undefeated soooo badly.
Originally posted by WINiner:
I hope the Lions remain undefeated soooo badly.

Same here, I'm going to that game (I live in Michigan, been a Niners fan my whole life). Who would've thought the Niners and Lions would be powerhouse teams going into Week six with a possible combined record of 9-1? haha
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