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49ers Gamebooks

Not sure if anyone has posted these. They are available after every game on NFL.COM. Gives you a deeper look into the stats. We were 67% in the redzone versus 29% for the Eagles.
awesome, there's a s**tload of info there. good stuff!
Originally posted by HessianDud:
awesome, there's a s**tload of info there. good stuff!

where do you find these on

It is under the game info where the scores are. You have to really look for it because the website is busy.
There is a small section called Game Access where you can listen to Audio or rewatch the game if you have Game rewind.
sweet, thanks dude! yeah, there is way too much going on there.
No problem. I know there are those of us that like to dig into the stats and not just the boxscore most websites post. Will try to post them here after each game. Seahawks week 1
Dallas Week 2

you can get a log of each play--great info Cleveland Browns Gamebook
man, that is nice.
Redskins game

This is such a money find!!! How did you get there? Can you just search the name?
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