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Quote from Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie on Friday

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I read this from on FB.

Eagles owner from Friday: "there is no way that the 49ers beat the eagles. It's the 49ers! I'll take a bike from Philly to SF if we lose."

Start peddlin' BI*CH!

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make sure Legbreaker is there to meet him
eat crow biatch!
he really said that? lol
Epic fail douche bag!!!!!
it was howard eskin
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meet him on the Bay bridge and chuck his ass over!
Wow let me take a minute to let the classiness woft over me...Head over to your local fixed gear specialist lame ass billionaire
he better hop on alex's dick and ride that all the way to sf

haha better get your gatoraide
Is he stopping at Hunters point lmao
he better board the plane wit the niners wit his bike on board near the back and start pedaling wit jed york next to him takin pics
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