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Thoughts after attending game

Not sure what's up with gore. He is either still hurt or needs eye surgery. The holes aren't huge but even when they are there he isn't seeing them or hitting them. The second thing is that the handcuffs need to.come off of smith. He isn't the greatest but he was a great passer in college and when allowed to wing it he does a decent job. Just let him toss it around and see what happens. The third is that willis is a monster among men, at one point he lowered his shoulder and ran through five or six guys and knocked them all to the ground. It was amazing to see in person and my son was so.pumped after seeing that hit.
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This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps
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Trade him. Gore sux.
i always have the same though after I attend a game. "I spent all this money to watch that s**t!?"
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