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Thanks a million for the vids
Saints game up yet?
cant wait for the saints game
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
cant wait for the saints game

Any way you could possibly upload the game in its entirety as opposed to broken down by O and D?
cannot WAIT for this one. I'm gonna make a s**tload of gifs.
im going to watch the giants game again.
Originally posted by Byisgod:
Any way you could possibly upload the game in its entirety as opposed to broken down by O and D?

Yea i wanted to know this also...
Here's a link to a 43 minute highlight (practically full game) of the Niner vs Saints game.

Don't give me any thanks, thank this guy

Link to Vid:

No more Vimeo links?
So to address a couple things:

first of all, offense part 1 is all done and stuff. Working on part 2 right now but im probably oging to go to sleep and finish it and the defense tomorrow. I'll have everything up before the end of tomorrow, so.. yeah, there's that.

I'm not going to just upload the game by itself for a few reasons. One, i've already done the entire season like this so i'm going to just finish it out like this. Two, the copyright stuff is majorly enforced when you upload long videos like what i would have to do. Three, it would take even more time because it would be a longer conversion rate on each finished quarter and a longer upload time on youtube.

If you guys want to watch the full game, you can download it at places like Demonoid or BTJunkie. I understand you guys want to watch the full game and stuff, but again I have to say that it wasn't the purpose of this thread to just rewatch the game in it's entirety. After this season i'll make a poll and ask how we should do it for next year, but for now i'm going to just keep it like this.

As for Vimeo, I stopped uploading those because I found a way around youtube immediately deleting my videos, and Vimeo only allows a certain amount of uploads each day. It was just becoming a hassle uploading there.

Again, i'll have the videos up by the end of tomorrow so hopefully everyone can enjoy them.
Thanks again.
Thanks man!
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