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Originally posted by scoobyduu24:
Not everybody can afford season tickets, and not everyone lives close enough to go to every game. If I lived in the Bay Area (hell within 3 hours of the Stick) I'd be at every game. If you have enough money to buy season tix you're not worried about the recession.

Thats not true. Its called credit and the reason why the U.S. is in a finacial mess.

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About a year ago I read that the demographics of season ticket holders has changed dramatically. By memory, in 1980, over 85% of seats were held by individuals. In 2008, nearly 70% were held by businesses, or business entities. Perhaps individuals who own businesses have transferred ownership to the business for tax reasons. In other cases large businesses have purchased blocks of tickets of varying sizes. How they are owned is not the main issue. What seems to be happening is that the tickets are handed out as perks to employees. As a result, in the area around us in 1990, we knew just about everyone by first name. Now there is a different person in most of the seats for every game. We don't know anyone.

The economy has certainly played a role in the number of individuals that can afford season tickets, but so has the increase in ticket prices. By the time you travel 2+ hours each way, pay for parking, the ticket price, tailgate or stadium food, you have spent close to $200/person. There are not very many people that can afford that in this region in this economy.

As a result of all this, entities that own tickets are picking the games they want to attend and selling the rest. Until this team is winning consistently, making the playoffs and the economy improves (good luck with that), we are going to continue to see a lot of visiting team fans at "our" house.
Went to a Niners/Packers game in 2006. "GO PACK GO!!" chants were raining down in the game's most critical moments. This is nothing new. Our fanbase used to expect Championships. Now they expect to be embarrassed. Hopefully a winning season will rouse some of them from their slumber. Until then, nothing will change.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing on Sunday. The chants for D-fense were so bizarre I couldn't even acknowledge that it was happening. If that's not a testament to how far this franchise has fallen since Eddie D, I don't know what is. I'd love to hear his thoughts on so many Cowboys fans getting into the stick.
This is a shame. I get the part where people are demorilized after a decade long losing streak. I get that. BUT this has been an issue for a while now. SF has always been known as a soft laid back crowd. Even in the glory days.

What kind of message does it show the players? Who wants to come to a football team where there really isn't a home field advantage? Look at Seattle, they probably have the loudest fan base in the league but they really haven't won any championships.
Hopefully the heavy Cowboys crowd sent a message to the Yorks. But I kind of doubt it. Actually it probably just gave them the idea that they could make some more money selling tickets to visitor fans. We'll probably see John York down on the corner scalping tickets soon.
If I knew I could make 2x-3x as much for these tickets combined with our poor product on the field, I'm doing the exact same thing.

If I'm a season ticket holder, selling these would help pay for the other 7 weeks.

But if this was the playoffs or week 17 where a division title was on the line. I'd give the finger to Cowboy fan and tell them to suck it.
We sold our Home field advantage to the f*cking cowgirls ...this crap NEVER would have happened back in the day, when we had dedicated fans at the Stick with Stubhub in the mix and season ticket holders easily giving them up, we are not assured home field advantage there were a lot of dead ass 49er fans sitting down and covering their damn ears because the cowboy fans were too loud for them
Originally posted by stevetaebo:
If I knew I could make 2x-3x as much for these tickets combined with our poor product on the field, I'm doing the exact same thing.

If I'm a season ticket holder, selling these would help pay for the other 7 weeks.

But if this was the playoffs or week 17 where a division title was on the line. I'd give the finger to Cowboy fan and tell them to suck it.

This. You can curse me all you want, but I was unable to attend the game and could not find anyone on here to buy my tickets. So, I sold them on ebay, made a good profit, and may have sold them to a Cowgirls' fan. Gotta try to recoup my losses somehow.
At least they bought tickets so the game would be sold out and on TV... I understand what you're saying, although, too many fans who don't go to games are talking a lot. IMO, if you don't go to the game you shouldn't really say anything.

Shame to the author of this post for hilarious misuse of apostrophes/possessives.
LOL @ shame on season ticket holders from a guy who doesn't have season tickets. The Irony.
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another one of these threads..GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!

It's a Buisness/Hustle..Make Money By Any Means!!
All this talk is fine and good. Like I said, I'll continue to beat this dead horse.

Everybody is right with their assessments on the fan base. It's been a thorn in my side for YEARS. So with all that said, and everybody agreeing with the apathetic 9ers base, why are we the ones subjected to these god awful Tailgating "rules"?

How does a Sunday morning traffic jam that takes me an hour to get a parking spot help stop fan violence? If the game is over and we've been at a dead stop for 30 minutes, if I get out of my car to stand next to the car i'll be arrested? How is tailgating with 3 different groups of police sorrounding you or constantly stopping to tell you, you can't fart upwind helping fan violence? Do we really need certain SFPD officers harrassing us, all the while patrolling with Raider stickers on their helmets?

Thats how I feel. Too bad the owners don't read these threads. Preaching to the choir doesn't help much
Originally posted by Chicago49erFan:
Coming from a lifelong fan who lives in Chicago, please be thankful you have the opportunity to see the 49ers live at all home games. The tailgating is what it is, don't punish your players by not supporting them. Just as long as those selling their tickets understand, we 49er fans look like a joke to the rest of the league.


I agree. Chicago49erfan I'm about 70 miles to the west of you on I-80. I flew to SF once in 97 and watched em smack the Panthers around. Greatest NFL experience ever for me to finally be a HOME fan. But I was disappointed in the 49er crowd. Seemed disinterested compared to other stadiums I've been to. And I will never go back to Soldiers Field with those jerk ass fans.
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