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The Madieu Williams Thread

Truly baffling.

I don't enjoy kicking players when they are down, but I'm a huge stickler for poor secondary play.

Mike Rumph. Sammy Davis. Antonio Langham. Dana Hall. These are names that inspire a pool of anger within me.

Madieu Williams is starting to wade into the shallow end of that pool... and he forgot his floaties.

Find your floaties dude, cause no one is gonna throw you a life preserver.
man... i cant believe im saying this but... GOLDSON COME BACK
2 TDS he costed ussss 2 we need Goldson Bad
he's our 3rd string safety. We need Goldson to get healthy, unfortunately, or Reggie to get ready to start.

that said, Williams wasn't the only problem today. he made the glaring mistake but overall he hasn't been any more of a liability than, say, Tarell Brown.
reminds me of Roman
He is TERRIBLE!!! Cost us the game with his crappy play. I am willing to personally buy him a plane ticket to get the fak out of town.
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
reminds me of Roman

No, Madieu's much worse. Roman was average and had a good play once in a while.

This looks to be worse.
The zone used to tear mark roman a new one every week.
Originally posted by NinerFan408:
The zone used to tear mark roman a new one every week.

Not in 2006, when he was an upgrade.

I'm just saying... there's good, there's average, then there's Mark Roman, and then there's just bad. I know I'm in the minority on this, but I thought Roman wasn't as awful as everyone made him out to be. He wasn't "good" either, but yeah.
Minnesota fans were pretty happy to have him gone, now we know why.

He is as bad as advertised. I agree, he is reaching Antonio Langham and Darnell Walker status real quickly
He's f**king terrible
He's a good backup. Not a starter. Fangio needs 2 good fast safety that can tackle. Then our defense will be very good.
All he had to do was go for the tackle and he would of pushed Austin out of bounds fo an incompletion.
I hate his f**king face, cant believe im saying this but i miss Dashon Goldson
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