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Justin Smith, one of the all-time best 49er defensive linemen appreciation thread.

Jamie Duke's hater ass just said Justin should be considered for DPOY. Still hate the prick though he didn't really have much else to say.
Justin Smith is a man!!! He's 40!!!
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He is having a great season so far and hope it continues!
I think Justin will give it all he... should be able to go until mid to late 30s. He has 2 years left I believe on his contract but hope he is a 9er for the rest of his career. DL didn't get a lot of pressure but Justin came up big in the end. Also, think the refs missed Justin getting held on one of the Giants td drives. Seems like Justin gets held a lot and it barely gets called. Those guys where exhausted today... a couple 15 or whatever play drives... too much playing off.
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Why ima get his jersey this Christmas Best player we have on line because ne NEVER quits on any play.
dude is such a sick player for us. i had some misgivings about the d-line before the season, but what a unit they have become with smith setting the example.

love him.
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Originally posted by YungAce:
Justin Smith is a man!!! He's 40!!!

Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Originally posted by YungAce:
Justin Smith is a man!!! He's 40!!!

Watch Eli from 0:14-0:18.

He doesn't even know Smith's name. I hope it was because he didn't see who batted it down. Because if he didn't know who Smith was then
"He's having a great year. He should be in the MVP category, conversation," coach Jim Harbaugh said of Smith after his team's 27-20 win. "That guy is just a big, strong, mighty man, and we had a lot of them today."Read more:
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