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Justin Smith, one of the all-time best 49er defensive linemen appreciation thread.

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is his contract up? If so, that needs to be fixed, pronto.

2013, but I would extend him now, he has litterally no bonus money left, 500K workout bonuses, so I say extend him now.3yr extension thru 2016, 25M in new money.

Good call AB, he has no bonus money, but he DAMN well deserves some!!!! Pay this man his money!!!

To me hes like a Bryant Young 2.0, humble veteran that works and plays his ass off, lets his play on the field do the talking.

thanks for the info AB. Yeah, extend him. It would send the same message as extending Gore: you do your job, you hustle, you get rewarded.

Yeah I agree. The thing with Smith's deal was he voided the last 3 yrs(2011-2013) in 09 in order for the 49ers to get the rest of his signing bonus off the cap, then signed him back to the 3yrs, with no bonus money left. But if you look at it, he already saw that SB since its paid up front, only prorated for cap purposes.

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Justin "The Steam-Roller" Smith So you better get out of my way now before I roll all over you!!!! HOOAAAHHH!!!
How many years you think this guy can go? I am hoping he plays at the same level for at least 3 more.
the best player on the best defensive line in football
player of the year for us on defense

justin smith fan club, bulldozing over opponents
Thank you Mike Nolan.

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Thank you Mike Nolan.

And the helicopter ride, too!
I LOVE when he makes a great play, a sack, or runs the ball into the end zone with a defender on his back just in case it is a fumble, he just never gives up. When the play is over I never see him waste any energy doing a fancy dance or celebrating, he just goes back to the huddle like been there done that before.
C C C C C C C COWBOY!!!!!!
Big Country
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