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Justin Smith, one of the all-time best 49er defensive linemen appreciation thread.

Originally posted by sachie23:
The Pats came back because the 9ers switched to a Zone D up 31-3 and let Brady go down the field. Then Brady got hot, etc. You can switch to that kind of defense with 8 minutes left in the 4th, not the 3rd. Niners really dodged a bullet.

You noticed that too. I was freak'n out asking why the 49ers were going to the Present Defense with more than a 3rd left of the game.
When are the results from the MRI going to be released?
Any update!! Without Justin Smith, Aldon Smith and our pass-rush is nowhere near as effective!
I can't believe why there isn't more discussion on this. Our best player is hurt...

Anyway, JH seemed to say it wasn't serious and not long term...what a relief...hope he can play Sunday, if not, I'm ok with waiting til playoffs.
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Originally posted by hofer36:
can justin smith lose his job because of injury?

LOL, if anyone's starting position is secure on that team, it is that man's.

If the person that takes his place plays way better then him. But we all know that s**t aint gonna happen. Dudes one of the best D-lineman in the entire league.
Schefter Just said on MNF that a 49er insider said ' not to worry about cowboy, duct tape is good for him'. hope thats an accurate report!!
I just hope the cowboy is ready to roll next week in Seattle. Hopefully we held him out as precaution. You have to believe we didn't think we needed him to win when we pulled him. It was great to see the line step up and get some pressure without him at the end though. RJF MacDonald were awsome down the stretch. It was sweet to see Ray mack set up Brooks on the Smith to Smith special when Brooks got the knock down on brady.
He'll play against Seattle. He's too tough not to.
The injury was to his elbow, and I'm willing to be that he'd be willing to wrap it up, take a shot, and play.

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Originally posted by trogdor:
While I agree he is the key to our defense, I was quite impressed with the consistent pressure RJF was getting there at the end. Maybe their line was tired, but RJF was in Brady's face more than Aldon down the stretch.

This, RJF was legit. That guy's a baller, straight up. I'd like to see him get more time in the rotation, he was driving offensive linemen back and looking good, especially on those last couple of drives where they were getting up in Brady's face.

can justin smith lose his job because of injury?

Nope. He is better than his backup.
No one can deny Smith's importance to the team, but RJF definitely did a nice job. We don't have much depth on the D line, but at least we have one very capable backup.

And yeah, Aldon definitely looked exhausted at the end of that game. Hard to fault him considering the Patriots had just gone one of the most furious scoring runs in NFL history. Our offense did a very poor job of keeping our defense off the field from the mid-3rd to the mid-4th.
Justin is awesome, but we are Badass as a unit!
I havn't seen or heard any injury update for Justin Smith
Upper body injury
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