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That was Alex's passer rating today.

I'd love to hear what people have to say about that.
uh, ok? he made some good throws, didn't make any mistakes. what do you want people to do? anoint him as the NFC probowl starter?
You still want Carr?
To me, he was the same Alex Smith we've seen for the past couple years: smart, generally responsible with the football, tough.

The difference today was that Harbaugh/Roman put him in a position that let him build confidence and succeed.

It'll be interesting to see if/how the offense and Alex grows over the course of the season. I'm an Alex Smith supporter, and I'm happy he had a good game today... and I'm happy we started off this season on a high note. With a truncated off-season, we can only hope that Alex and the offense can improve.
business like.

To quote Jim Harbaugh after the game... "blue collar quarterback"
he did well

he played exactly how he was supposed to play

we had 20 practices in a complicated offense did you guys really expect our playbook to open up in week 1?
I'd take that and no turnovers every single week. We could win 9 games with that. These guys are being rediculous. You want no turnovers and a chance to win. That's good. Not bad.
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Not much to say but he did his part. Liked the 22 rushing yards though. Made some big plays with his legs.
90.4 - it was Against Seattle for one and He usually plays well in first games , we'll see what he does against a Better Dallas Defense......I wish him luck but Consistency is not in his Short list of Talents.

124 passing yards.
I would have wanted to see how he would have fared on a late game drive, up by two, momentum to Seattle.
But thanks to Ginn, we'll never find out.
well, in short:

-124 yards passing
-1/12 on 3rd down, granted, a lot of those were rushing, but still, smith wasn't asked to convert a lot of those (especially the re-do at the 1-yard line)
-however many passes it was that went for negative yardage


0 sacks. 0 turnovers. took the hits in the pocket and was accurate. that's what you should be talking about
Smith had a decent game, given the gameplan and playcalling. He made some decisions that were overly conservative IMO, but that was the gameplan.
Originally posted by susweel:
124 passing yards.

I was waiting for you
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