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Majority of the webzone wanted Ginn cut !!!

I was excited when we traded for the guy...I was sick of the A.Battle was a major upgrade and I don't know why ppl wanted Ginn out...
I have read in a couple of articles where other players have said that he was one of the most improved players at WR during TC in both route running and with his hands ...... sure would like to see some of that early on maybe against Dallas ? I have to admit to being skeptical about WR's who look good in practice until they do it on game day though just from past experiences here.
Excited as well that we got him for a 5th. Was annoyed when we asked him to take an inconsequential pay-cut too. It's not like we were hurting for that extra million.
Originally posted by oldman9er:
Excited as well that we got him for a 5th. Was annoyed when we asked him to take an inconsequential pay-cut too. It's not like we were hurting for that extra million.

Yeah, I still don't really understand what that was about.
I wasn't sure he was going to make the cut, but never thought he should be cut,,,,, he very good at receiver in preseason as well.
Hopefully he turns his career around and becomes the Brandon Lloyd of this season.
very good returner and i dont get bent out of shape when he loses some yardage on returns, cus we know he'll break some and he has secured the ball on returns the last 2 years, coming from where we were in 2009 season, ginn losing 15 yards on a return is the least of my worries
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I know some wanted him cut, but I never got the impression it was the majority.

I know I wanted to keep him based on punt returns alone.

Hell, I wanted to keep Ronald Johnson just to have more return men, even though he looked like crap.

I love it that we actually have depth at the returner spots!

It's pretty obvious that they picked the right guy to be the #1, too.

It's amazing how our special teams turned around in such a short time. Seems like Seely was a good hire.
Originally posted by modninerfan:
I'll admit... Its not that I wanted him cut, more like I was ok if he were cut because I felt we had other players now who can return kicks like Hunter, Williams, and former niner Philip Adams. This guys job is secure.

I don't understand all this love for Philips Adams and Kyle Williams. They have done nothing to prove themselves as return men except in training camp and the pre-season. During the 2010 season, Phillip Adams cost us a game by fumbling a punt return deep in our own territory. Worst thing you can do is just throw a rookie back there.

It's kind of like customer support. In theory, people with excellent English and communication skills should be operating those jobs, but since the wages are so low, they hire people who can barely speak English. You can't just stick a rookie or any non-starting player into a job that requires excellent hands and ball security. You lose the ball and it can be disastrous.

Ginn is secure with the ball and is a threat to take it back on every return.
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Jimmy Raye NEVER used his speed in the slot ...which is where he could be very effective, I hope he gets more snaps in the 3 wide packages, when the defense is aware he and his playmaking skills are on the field, it should create more one on ones for the other receivers and backs
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