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Majority of the webzone wanted Ginn cut !!!

Speedy Ginnzalez!

Only the Williams fans because they6 want their homie to play.
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A true X-Factor. He almost broke one in the 1st too. If he can be a consistent threat that would be huge.
For the last two years, I've been in the vocal minority of people who supported Ted Ginn. Lots of you were saying we should cut him in favor of Kyle Williams or Zeigler. I've maintained that Ginn has stabilized our return game ever since Allen Rossum was cut...we had Arnaz Battle, Brandon Jones, and a bunch of other pretenders. Most memorably, Phllip Adams who cost us the game against New Orleans last year on a muffed punt deep in our territory. I don't think Ginn has even fumbled away a punt return since we traded for him.

It's funny how everyone suddenly thinks Ginn is the greatest thing now that he took two to the house. I would find a bunch of links to old threads where people were indeed calling for Ginn to be cut, but it's been a long day. You fair-weather fans know who you are.
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I honestly can't remember if I wanted him cut or not, but I do think he should see more time as a receiver though.
I didn't want him cut by I felt if Ronald Johnson had performed he would be. Good job on ST by him and hopefully he keeps it up
I wanted us to cut Ginn too. I didn't see his value. I thought his lateral quickness limited his ability as a punt returner. He also has never been an impressive receiver.

Usually he needs a lot of space to make a play, that is why I was especially impressed by his punt return, he made that return with a lot less space. He even broke some arm tackles, which I have never seen him do.
I also supported Haralson before most fans even knew he was on the team. It goes both ways.

There are some posters who are ALWAYS positive with a win, and ALWAYS negative with a loss. Those are the posters I don't get.
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I'll admit... Its not that I wanted him cut, more like I was ok if he were cut because I felt we had other players now who can return kicks like Hunter, Williams, and former niner Philip Adams. This guys job is secure.
Thing is he has to be on his game more than ever as well as the special teams because they just put themselves on every up coming teams list.
Originally posted by boomer49er: stole my name!

What's your deal

I didn't know anyone had this name !!! I've been using it for everything that involves a user name for years. Sorry dude.

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Originally posted by BuZzB28:
Who is majority webzone wanted ginn cut? wtf? majority is idiot cuz they don't talent for GM... I know him is talent at Kick Return and PP when he did a TD for us.. and he got safe for us and give us a win!! Thank you Ginn..

I love the way he was used yesterday, let him run a few routes but keep him fresh and keep him the hell off the field on offense! Did you see his "double move"? He just shook his head like some kinda sand lot player! LOL, kid has wheels and can sure as f**k return kicks, but poor rout running and bad hands make him an offensive liability! I think JH did the right thing, let him run a few 9's for his egos sake, let him in on offense to keep him focused and happy, but just don't count on him every down!
Originally posted by Kolohe:
I honestly can't remember if I wanted him cut or not, but I do think he should see more time as a receiver though.
The problem has been as a receiver he consistently has dropped passes. That is what got Ginn cut from the Dolphins. The kick return stuff was always there
I'm going to walk in here and eat crow.

I wanted him cut because we had philip adams, rojo, and K williams, and kendall hunter. I felt they could all do the return job just as good as ginn.

Ginn did good on 4-5 of his like 9 returns today. On a few he ran out of bounds like a punk, then he ran backwards on others, and fair caught one at the 6 yrd line.

It was just one game, if he plays at a high level next week and maybe beyond, I'll stop being a ginn hater.(I mean we were playing seattle)
I like Ginn, just want him to spread the damn field as a receiver also.
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