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Majority of the webzone wanted Ginn cut !!!

I credit Harbaugh and Seely for his performance today. Last year everytime he caught the ball he looked for the sidelines ninety percent of the time on the return as he was clearly afraid of taking a hit. Today he looked shifty and determined. Props to the coaches.

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didn't GINN JR. take a pay cut to stay with us?
In the old system Ginn was wasted, this new system hes flying, so far.
many said why keep him over RoJo or Ziggy.
Really happy that the 49er's picked him up. He is one of those dangerous guys that could break one at any moment and although he is not the receiver that we all would like him to be, the opponents CANNOT and WILL NOT just ignore him just because of that possibility.

Originally posted by Shaj:
I never heard anyone calling for his head.

He was the MVP today. Game was won by defense and special teams.

No no no, if the losses are on Alex Smith then so are the wins. Great win Alex! Go get another one next week.
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I LOVE IT just like they wanted to Trade VD lol
give him his money back from the paycut niners!

This is as good a place as any.

On the KR he started celebrating before he got in the endzonewith the ball out. I saw him peak at the screen and quickly tuck that s**t back in.
Who is majority webzone wanted ginn cut? wtf? majority is idiot cuz they don't talent for GM... I know him is talent at Kick Return and PP when he did a TD for us.. and he got safe for us and give us a win!! Thank you Ginn..
Honestly, I was hoping someone would beat him out because he doesn't thrill me as a receiver. But without someone beating him out it would have been silly to cut the guy. Of course, when he went backwards for twenty or thirty yards I was yelling at my TV! Reminded me of Kermit Alexander in the good old days.
I certainly did, but he sure showed me today.
I was shocked Seattle punted near the end down two scores----Go Ted Ginn!!
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