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The 1st Niner TD of the 2011 season will be scored by

The 1st Niner TD of the 2011 season will be scored by

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by this guy.

on a qb keeper.

Damn he looks like a baby in that pic lol. I'd prefer for it to be on a bootleg like the one in 06 against the seahawks.

He was.
still is
Ray McDonald grabs the ball from the center before Jackson does, runs for a TD.
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VD is triple teamed, Walker for a TDin the corner of the endzone...all alone!!

drops it like he did in that seahawks game, last year.

VD and a 15 yrd slant.
VD seam route
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Ted Ginn Jr. opening kick. Duh
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VD takes it over the middle to the house Alex with the pass
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I voted defense because tarvaris jackson might throw a pick six. While gore is also a good bet, seattle without a doubt is planning on stacking the line so that we have to rely on alex. Gore will probably still break through...But I love the big play potential of our defense this year.
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Braylon Edwards

Ahmad Brooks. In all honesty the odds have to be gore or VD but I don't care who as long as we can get enough to win.
Actually I change my answer. It's going to be Walker!!!!! Take it to the bank.
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Dashon Goldson's 3rd pick and will run for a TD.

You're saying we're gonna get shutout.
After picking up a few first downs we end up in 2nd down and 4 to go. Fake hand off to Gore, the defense bites and its too late - Ginn has toasted some poor DB down the left sideline and Alex hits him for a 40 yard TD
Alex Smith on an 8 yard scamper!
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