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Grant Cohn says we will go to playoffs this year

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He is smoking crack...
Don't hate on the hopeful. Those poor souls don't have much left anything other than the small glimmer that there might be a better tomorrow.
I bet his dad is p*ssed right now. Going to be awkward around the dinner table tonight.
did u say if aaron rodgers was our 1b nnolan would still be coaching

ya he is on crack
its possible. we're going to be better than last year. if we can stay afloat until the bye week we have a very soft second half.
The Niners have a decent shot at taking the NFC West as long as my prediction of the Cardinals going 10-6 doesn't come true.
the 7-9 seahawks made the playoffs last year. it isn't a far-fetched idea/statement he is making. our division is still one of the weakest out there.
I like the fact most everyone thinks we're gonna suck, I don't even have a real prediction for this year. We can't be worse than last year. We have almost the same team just better coaches, I DO NOT see hoe we can be worse.
He's the smartest and most reasonable media person out there. He must REALLY know his X's and O's.

Originally posted by HessianDud:
its possible. we're going to be better than last year. if we can stay afloat until the bye week we have a very soft second half.

You got it backwards, second half is tougher. Well IMO anyway.
You ALL are going to eat FUC%!#& Crow, this is the NFL expect the unexpected. There are just way too many examples every year of a team everyone thought would be crap and they end up making the playoffs or even winning the Super Bowl. It defies logic but my expectations are even higher for this team because all these lemming experts are predicting we will be terrible. This train is about to leave, its time to get the F!@K ON Faithful!!!
Not a far fetched idea. I think we'll be a great deal better than the pundits are predicting - and we know they projected us to win the division last year. So much for their predictions.

We will have a better line, better D, better playcalling, better depth and with all that - we were close to getting into the playoffs last year w/ Crap playcalling and our D being on the field for so much of the game and getting worn down.

Do I think we'll get into the playoffs - it depends on injuries, but YES!

I think its very reasonable. I mean its not like we play the toughest teams out there. And with not even good, but great playcalling I think we can easily go 9-7. What is it that i have to go on some may ask?????? Its the X factor in Harbaugh. Yes, he's not running the huddle on Defense or Offense, however, I cant see him not being able to make tremendous halftime adjustments. And when he sees that something isnt working. I dont think he has that one sided mentality.

9-7 is very reasonable.
We will make the playoffs no doubt in my mind!!
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