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How many yards do you think Frank Gore will rush for the season?

I'm gonna guess 1,100 what about you guys?

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1300 10 rushing tds 5 recieving tds
1234 = Championship
at least 931
If he is healthy I can see him running for 1300 yards.
1 carry, 15 yards. First play, Alex drops back, but Mebane comes free and squishes him, ala Rocky Bernard. Kaep comes in, drops back and waits too long. A high/low by Brock and Clemons literally rips him in half (sack, -4 yds). Tozien comes in, hands off to Frank on a draw. Stunned by Tolzien's radiance, The defense fails to notice the handoff until Frank passes through the line. He picks up 15 and a 1st down. On the next play, Tolzien drops back to pass... and the 49ers never call a run play again. EVAR.

In related news, the 49ers are forced to release Gore for hygenic reasons, after he refuses to wash "the Hands that accepted a handoff from Tolzien."
3-1500yrds 5-10tds
I expect around 1200 yards and 8 tds

Originally posted by Allx9er:
3-1500yrds 5-10tds

3 carries?!? That's like 500 yards and 2 or 3 TDs per carry . I think Frank could do it
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I'll be happy with 1000+6ish tds, but with 500 receiving yards+4ish receiving td's too.

The reason I'd rather not see him get 2,000 scrimmage yards is I'd prefer if hunter take some of his load. It's too early to tell(dixon looked good last preseason), but there's a chance we could finally have the backfield behind gore finally capable of taking carries from him to keep him healthy.

Stats are just stats, our best chance of winning every week is to have Gore play all 16 games for the first time since 2006. RB by committee is what I'd like to see.
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1150 10 TD's
Gore is going to lose alot of carriers to Hunter this year. More so later in the season once the coaches are more comfortable with Hunter in blitz protection.
1200 yards, if healthy for the full season.
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