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Bryant Young is eligible for HOF next year, does he make it in?

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I think he's deserving but he won't get in for at least 5 years, and there is a possibility he never does. what do you guys think.
He is deserving, but he won't get in. At least not for awhile.

I kinda think he's one of those guys that seemed to get overlooked all the time. If the team had been better in teh latter portions of his career, he'd have stood a much better shot.

Don't take this as a shot at him tho. He's pretty much one of my favorite Niner defenders ever.
no way he gets in
Originally posted by jreff22:
He deserves to, but it won't happen for a while unfortunately.
Chris Doleman and Kevin Greene aren't in the HOF, and they rank 4th and 3rd all-time in sacks, respectively. They've both been eligible for years now. Looking purely from a statistical and honors standpoint, both are more deserving than BY. I just don't think Young has the recognition or numbers to get in.
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I think the fact that he came back from a horrific injury in just one year and came back the very next year with a steel rod in his leg and continued to play at a high level could be a tipping point issue if he is ever on the edge for selection.
Playing in a 3-4 those last years hurt his numbers. HOF voters are sports writers, and most of those don't read past the stat line.

Not first ballot. I just hope he's still living to see that glorious day. It just pains me to see so many legends pass away and have their children accept on their behalf.
Sports writers should not be allowed to vote anyone into the HOF. Steve Hartmen is a sports writer radio talk show host ( Loose Cannons) He Loves his Dodgers and trashes on the S.F Giants every chance he gets. He is a stat whore. He has a say on who gets into the HOF and who does not. The man is like so many in this room, very bias and does not even know how to spell the word impartial. The system is a joke. If it was correct then John Taylor would be in the HOF right next to Lynn Swan. Actually John Taylor's numbers are better then Swans. I don't think either deserve to be in the HALL but if Lynn is in then John should be also right? Anyways the system is a joke.
He seems like the type to be a Senior selection years down the road. Flew under the radar nationally. Just short of the requsiite 5 Pro Bowls. Team was bad for most of the second half of his career. Not a glamour position. Too bad, he was a dominant player.
He really should get in! The pressence he was and the havoc he created was insane ! Pure leader, havent seen a dt of his caliber in yrs. Of course he will prob have to wait a yr or so more to get due credit. What helps young is that he stayed niners threw thick n thin, lifetime niner
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