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Who will lead the 49ers in Sacks in 2011?

Who will lead the 49ers in Sacks in 2011?

Originally posted by bbesth370:
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Couldn't agree less.
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Where is Tolzien?
Brooks is legit.
Brooks with 6-9
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Brooks is legit.

Brooks hasn't proven that just yet. Fingers crossed he breaks out this year, though.

I went with the safe money, the good Smith.
Aldon with 14 sacks and a DROY award.
Brooks and J. Smith will be neck and neck, but with Fangio's scheme I think Brooks nabs a couple more.

Brooks- 8.5
J. Smith- 7.5
Willis- 6
A. Smith- 5.5
Haralson- 5
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Brooks will, Aldon Smith second, Justin Smith third, Patrick Willis fourth, Haralson fifth.
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
Probably our RT. He will give up the most.

oh wait

LOL. Sadly, I think you may be right
ahmad brooks- 11
aldon smith- 8
justin smith- 6
willis- 5
bowman- 4
ray mcdonald- 4
donte whitner- 3

I see Aldon Smith having 8-10. Depending on playing time

This guy looks like a pure pass rusher. Long arms , quick & strong.
Brooks 9
J Smith 7
A Smith 5
Haralson 4

Throw in a couple other guys with 2-3 or whatever........
Manny Smith.................i mean Aldon Smith
I think that Aldon will, even if Gore
J Smith - 7.5
Brooks - 6
Haralson, Smith - 5.5
Willis, Ray Mac - 4
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