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Who will lead the 49ers in Sacks in 2011?

Who will lead the 49ers in Sacks in 2011?

Enter total as well
Ahmad Brooks- 10
Justin Smith- 8
Aldon Smith- 7
Patrick Willis- 6
well it wont be Antwan Applewhite b/c he blows
aldon smith 8
justin smith -8
patrick willis- 6
navarro bowman-6
ray mac- 4
dobbs- 2
Ahmad Brooks

I think he'll get 12 sacks this season!
Probably our RT. He will give up the most.

oh wait
Where's Bowman. You would have to include him too. Pressure up the middle are the best ones. Difficult with lots of traffic, but if you can get it, usually have good results.
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Enter total as well

If I had kind of insight, I'd be in Vegas, primed for a bigger payoff. BTW, I voted 5th for Brooks...
based it off his play toward the end of last season, and this pre-season as well.
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Ahmad Brooks- 10
Justin Smith- 7
Aldon Smith- 4
Patrick Willis- 5
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Brooks 8
J.Smith 6
A.Smith 6
McDonald 4
Haralson 4
Willis 3
Bowman 3

J. Smith-6
A. Smith-5
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Aldon, my friend.
Aldon Smith - 44
Ahmad Brooks - 10
Justin Smith - 7
Parys Haralson - 6
Patrick Willis -6
Navorro Bowman - 5
Demarcus Dobbs - 5
Alex Smith.... wait.. I thought you meant at getting sacked.
Bowman 7
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